Should I Provide Sample Parts to my Machining Vendor?

skilled machining vendor can provide precisely crafted parts and pieces to match your exact needs. When it comes to creating replacement parts for machines and other objects, your parts need to meet strict specifications and tight tolerances in order to function correctly. Even the slightest variation can mean that the part does not function correctly so accuracy is key. Providing a sample part is one step that can help to ensure accurate and precise results when you have parts custom machined. Here we look at how providing sample parts can help the precision machining process go smoothly.


When creating a part using precision engineering, exact measurements and dimensions are required to create a part that fits the intended purpose. An engineer designs a part to fit a specific purpose so accurate measurements and skillful design can help to create a part that perfectly aligns with that purpose. However, with a custom design, there is always a chance that the part won’t fit that or some trial and error will be needed before the correct part is made.

Providing a sample for your precision engineering provider can give them a clear example to base your new part from. Using a process of reverse engineering, computer-aided design can be used to recreate a workable design of your part, which can then be machined using precise control and the preferred materials in order to obtain the result you want.


Reverse engineering is the process of taking a finished part and working backward using advanced technology to examine and recreate the design for the part. This allows multiple exact copies of the original part to be made. The original part may be measured using 3D scanning technologies like CMMs, laser scanners, structured light digitizers, or computed tomography. This data can then be converted into a CAD model by a skilled engineer.

Having a detailed understanding of the use of the part and how it functions and interacts with the final assembly is critical to the final outcome. Also, by using high quality and versatile precision engineering machinery and the right materials, the computer design created can be used to create quality new parts that match the exact specifications of the original part.


Reverse engineering an existing part and creating a precise copy is a process that requires skill and experience. This is why it’s critical to choose a machining vendor who has the capabilities, training, and expertise to create a quality copy. At Inverse Solutions, our state of the art manufacturing equipment and world-class engineering practices mean we can offer our customers “copy exact” new parts. You know you’re working with a quality machining provider when they can offer a specification guarantee where all new parts are put through a strict functionality test to ensure they fit their purpose and meet your needs. Experience is a key factor to tolerance a part appropriately in manufacturing a quality part at a reasonable price.

Giving a sample part to your machining vendor can provide excellent guidance to them about how you want your unique part made. However, it’s equally essential to choose a qualified and experienced machining provider who can accurately reverse engineer your part. At Inverse Solutions, Inc. we love a challenge, so if you have a replacement part or a new semiconductor product you need made, contact our team of experienced engineers today to get a quality copy exact part made.