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Medical Device

Inverse Solutions has worked on a number of cryogenic devices from the R&D phase and into production. Specializing in micro machining for radiation devices and custom valves, on our CNC Swiss machines, we are also able to machine very complex features and hold the finish requirements needed for the medical industry. Inverse Solutions has implemented all of the requirements for ISO 13485 in order to meet the stringent requirements of the Medical Device Industry.

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Semiconductor Spare Parts

Inverse Solutions has added several new designs to our Fixed Restraint selection featuring; both a two and three piece design with an aluminum base and Polymer inserts. Along with copy exact replacements and refurbishments, we offer several different styles of elastomers including: Black elastomers, white elastomers, graphite filled elastomers, and low volatility Shin-Etsu style elastomers. Learn more about our semi-conductor products here.

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Inverse Solutions has machined components for satellites that have utilized both the KA and KU band frequencies. ISI has produced many of the send and receive horns as well as feed horns for those satellites. We work with the engineers in the design phase to help reduce the costs of manufacturing. Inverse Solutions has expertise in manufacturing beam forming networks ( BFN ), single and double sided, both dip brazed and laser welded. We can offer many years of experience working with BR-127 corrosion inhibiting primer and its application. We also specialize in machining Titanium; Inverse Solutions manufacturers a number of different coated titanium rods, screws, and bolts for the Satellite market.

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Oil and Gas

Inverse Solutions has worked with a number of customers to understand the complexity and the requirements needed for the oil and gas market. We have worked on a number of projects that have explosion proof fittings and deep well high temperature connectors. Our programmers are experts at complex threads including stub acme and adding a higbee. We machine Inconel 718, Aluminum Bronze, 4130 and 316SS that all meet the API-6A and Nace MR-01-75 specifications and have a set vendor base to source these materials. Inverse Solutions has all of the procedures in place to provide the required first article documentation needed for the industry.

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Precision Hardware & Connectors

Inverse Solutions has the ability to machine various types of fasteners, micro fasteners, and custom precision components; one of our specialties is long complex components up to 30” in length. Each month we machine thousands of connectors for aircraft ground connections, train, oil & gas, and medical equipment. Masters at machining Tellurium Copper (TeCu), Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) and brass, we work with our vendors to have them plated in silver, gold or electro less nickel. We offer very competitive rates on high volume connectors and fasteners.


Inverse Solutions headquarters and main manufacturing facility are located in Pleasanton, California. Get in touch with us today for more information on our quality services.

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